I am a seeker of light, love, beauty, and connection in my photography and my own personal journey in life. We are enveloped by all of these priceless treasures in our lives. The challenge is finding the time to see, touch, feel, and preserve them before they change form.  No matter how hard we try to remember, over time the colors fade from even our most precious memories.  Photographs bridge that gap and give back to us those fleeting moments, tiny details and emotions, that are our life.

I am humbled and honored when someone places their trust in me to photograph the miracle of a newborn baby, the hope and possibility in a high school senior’s eyes, the impish grins of children, the river of warmth that runs through a family, or the tender embrace of those who have found their hearts’ desire.  Photographs are a legacy to accompany the stories of love, struggle and triumph that define every unique life and family.

Let’s capture time together and create something that is as rare and beautiful as only you and yours can be.

XO, Kim